Emmi-Pet 100% Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

The first dental cleaning and oral hygiene treatment for animals with 100% Ultrasound


It is estimated that by the time they are 2 years old, 80% of dogs begin to show signs of oral disease.  By using ultrasound teeth cleaning as part of a regular scheduled routine, you can avoid expensive vet visits for treatment which would also include your dog being fully anaesthetised.


Here is how it works:


We use an ultrasound toothbrush (each dog has their own personal toothbrush) and especially formulated ultrasound toothpaste.  Ultrasound reaches deep below the gum line to kill germs and bacteria and cleans the teeth and gums to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar.  At the same time, it increases the blood flow to the gums to heal wounds and stop bleeding.


The treatment is very pet friendly due to it being both vibration and noise free (so there is no need for your dog to be subjected to any anaesthetic). This revolutionary method of cleaning is based on a globally unique patent - the Ultrasonic Peizo-Chip created by Emmi-Dent.  The Piezo-Chip sits in the head of the Ultrasonic Toothbrush and generates up to 96 million ultrasonic waves (air vibrations) per minute.  


These ultrasound waves are then transferred via the bristles of the toothbrush head, onto Emmi-pets' specially formulated toothpaste.  At this point 'micro bubbles' are generated, which react with the air vibrations and implode.  These implosions effectively eliminate and remove food particles, plaque and bacteria from within your dogs mouth.


Emmi-pet confidently combats:

  • Gingivitis and Periodontitis
  • Oral Cavity Disease
  • Plaque & Tartar Build Up
  • Bad Breath
  • Expensive Vet Bills


Treatment Charges:


We can offer ultrasound teeth cleaning during your dogs regular grooming sessions.  However if there is plaque/tartar present, we recommend that you start with a course of weekly treatments. 


First Visit £35 which includes an initial consultation and your pet's own toothbrush head.  The initial visit will last 30 minutes.


Follow-up Visits £15 Follow-up visits will last 20 minutes.





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