Nose To Tail Groom

Before each groom there will be a short consulation where I will get to know you and your dog and briefly assess their behaviour and coat condition.  We can then discuss and agree upon an achievable style for your pet.


The Nose To Tail Groom will also include:


  • Relaxing hydrobath using 100% natural products selected to individually suit the skin and coat of your dog
  • Hand dry (no cage drying involved)
  • A full brush out of minor knots and tangles*
  • Removal of loose undercoat 
  • Grooming/styling as required 
  • Sanitary trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Eye cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • A refreshing spritz of cologne 
  • Any aftercare suggestions or feedback that may benefit you and your pet in between grooms.

Please note:

  • Due to Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons regulations, anal gland treatment is no longer available.
  • If your dog has some “small visitors”, there will be a £14 surcharge for flea treatment. 

*As long as your dog’s welfare is maintained I will happily style your pet however you like. In accordance with the 2006 Animal Welfare Act I will not de-matt a matted dog.
Up to 15 minutes de-matting time will be allocated, anything more than this will require a shave off carried out by your veterinary nurse, followed by a schedule better suited for the regular grooming and maintenance of your pet that suits everyone’s needs. 

Please note that prices are quoted at a starting price, and are subject to change based on coat condition, behaviour etc. Matting will also incur an extra charge.

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