Wash & Dry

Does your dog have that unpleasant doggy smell..... regular bathing not only makes your dog cleaner, more hygenic and feeling more comfortable but also contributes to a longer and healthier life.  Our professional Hydrobath plus system circulates a warm, massaging shampoo & conditioning solution to your dogs coat type, giving full deep coat penetration.  This provides a superior bathing and cleansing experience, ensuring optimal coat and skin condition in a comfortable enviroment, particularly in the winter months!


The Wash & Dry will include:

  • Relaxing hydrobath using 100% natural products selected to individually suit the skin and coat type of your dog
  • Hand dry (no cage drying used in our salon)*
  • Pad trim
  • Hygiene trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Eye cleaning
  • A refreshing spritz of cologne leaving your treasured canine friend smelly gor-ge-ous.


* Upto 15 minutes de-matting time will be allocated, anything more than this will require a shave off carried out by your veterinary nurse, followed by a schedule better suited for the regular grooming and maintenance of your pet that suits it's needs.




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